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extension after 1Custom Clip-In Extensions!

Ladies, have you ever wanted hair extensions but thought they were too expensive or too much of a commitment? Well, we have the answer: Custom-made Clip-in Extensions!

We make them of the finest quality human hair, and we custom make them to perfectly match your hair color and density. These extensions can be easily straightened, curled, crimped, colored, and cut into any hairstyle that interests you. Our extensions are available in all lengths, ranging from 12” (just above breast) to 18” (falls to lower back), and if proper care is taken they will stay beautiful for a lifetime, just like your own hair! Even if you are not looking to add length to your hair, clip-in extensions add volume and fullness. At about half the cost and no commitment, who wouldn’t want them? And, unlike mass-production clip-in companies, if there is ever a problem with your extensions, Envy cares and wants to know.

If you are out of the Jacksonville area, we can mail your extensions to you. We only ask that you provide us with several pictures of your hair, from different angles, and in different lighting. We can even match from pictures on your MySpace account if that is more convenient for you, or off your personal stylist’s color formulation.

Whether you want more length, or fullness and body, clip-in extensions are the way to go. Unlike regular extensions, clip-ins are completely commitment free! You can easily change your look from day to day.

Extensions 12-16” go for a mere $250, and 18” for $350.

This covers the cost of the hair, and is an excellent price for extensions that will last for as long as you care for them. Consultations are free, so call us today for an appointment!